The Tibetan Kitchen in Leh, Ladakh

The Tibetan Kitchen in Leh, Ladakh

I first visited this iconic Leh restaurant in 2009.
Fast forward to 2103 when I ate there again. ***
Decor hardly unchanged. Same easy going friendly service. Same intriguing Tibetan food.

On both occasions we ate outdoors, and both times the place was packed, and buzzing.  Both times, we ate there at night.

Tibetan Kitchen_7368

Tibetan Kitchen_7366


Tibetan Kitchen_7365


The restaurant is tucked down a little lane, and is quite simply a good place to sit out, enjoy momos and thukpa, and soak in that brilliant Leh vibe.


I did not tell the staff that I blog or review, and we paid our own bill.

Thoroughly recommended.

Tibetan Kitchen


***And yes, I will most definitely head there to eat, when I am back in Leh in a few weeks.

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  1. Love your pics of the food at the Tibetan kitchen in LEH.! Yummy …. the tin plates with the red rim also are really cool. !Ive been to the Tibetan kitchen in New york .. (which may have closed now I”d heard) was also really wonderful with my cousin Serra some years ago .. xsonam

    sonam dubal

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