Where can I find custom made orthotic insoles in Delhi?

Where can I find custom made orthotic insoles in Delhi?

With a history of pronation that has led, over the decades, to knee issues, I have tried many over-the-counter orthotic insoles, which are fine up to a point.

But now, age + a year of silly injuries + a big mountain climbing trip next week meant that I needed a more personalised solution.

My physios at Back to Fitness*** recommended the Diabetic Foot Care Centre which is, I believe, the only place in New Delhi that does custom-made insoles.

The centre is in Naraina Vihar and I got an appointment very quickly, once I had finally managed to make contact.  It took several phone calls to get through, but to be fair that may just have been Delhi’s creaking infrastructure.  On my 2 visits there, the receptionist was always present and correct and busy answering calls.

The centre is functional, nothing remotely fancy or luxurious, but quick and efficient and Dr. Sethi inspired confidence, taking the time to talk and let me talk.  They sms-ed me to remind me of my appointment, which I always appreciate, but I did have to wait about 45 minutes, despite turning up on time.  There were lots of people both days.

I had a computerised test, walking over panels that registered my footfall and walking pattern, and within 24 hours I had custom made insoles.

IMG_2845 1

Since I do not pronate to the same degree in both feet, the insoles are therefore not identical – the huge advantage over shop-bought standard insoles.

I chose full as opposed to half insoles, since they will fit more snugly in my hiking boots and running shoes.  When I put them inside my boots, I couldn’t feel them, if that makes sense –  no awkwardness at all.

They are not cheap, I warn you, but the service was extremely fast and efficient.

I did not tell Dr. Sethi that I blog and write reviews and obviously I paid my own bill.


Oh, and yes before you ask, *** my physio didn’t know that I had even gone to the Centre until I showed him the finished insoles.

Dr.  Sethi didn’t ask me how I had found him.

All completely above board.


To contact Dr. Sethi :

G191, Ground floor, Naraina Vihar, New Delhi 110028


suriamar@hotmail.com  or ipafootcare@gmail.com


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