For all pet owners in Delhi – VETLAB

For all pet owners in Delhi – VETLAB

With a menagerie of note in our house, trips to the vet are frequent, and – sometimes – as the critters get older, they need an x-ray or a blood test.

Over the years I have been several times to the excellent VETLAB.  I go to the Central Lab, which is in south Delhi, and haven’t visited their East Delhi Lab, but I have nothing but praise for the small but efficient set up near Dhaula Kuan.

Just 2 days ago I had to take my ageing cat (16 years and still toddling along) for a chest x-ray.  The staff couldn’t have been sweeter, helped me with her (you know…cats and lying still and flat on command…).

The x-ray was processed in 10 minutes (despite a power cut and the time taken to wheel the portable genset out into the street) and the report was quickly typed up for me, and all for the princely sum of Rs500.

Not uber luxurious, but clean, efficient, kind and rapid.

What more do you require?

Personally recommended.

Here are the contact details below.

I paid my bill, obviously, and no-one there knows that I blog and review.


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