Stylish coffee mugs from Tiffinware

Stylish coffee mugs from Tiffinware

I am a big fan of the Tiffinware range of gorgeous household items, and have shared them with you in two earlier blog posts – here they are, to remind you.  Review one and two.

Risham Chawla, the talented Delhi based designer, has recently introduced some delightful coffee cups, and for a caffeine addict like your truly, these are an immediate must have.

Gorgeous colours.


Keep your coffee beautifully warm.

What more can you ask?

Mugs in a row

Coffee mugs

Irresistible, right?

Personally recommended.  I have a lovely bright pink cup, and I love it and it cheers up my day no end.


The mugs cost £15 each, or £27.50 for 2 and for Indian shoppers, the price is Rs 2750 for 2.

Order them online.  Now!  Start your new year in colourful style.

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