A good, 100% trustworthy jeweller in Delhi

Finding a jeweller you can trust 100% is no mean feat.

You need to know that when you give a much loved piece of jewellery in for repairing, that you will indeed get your original stones back (oh yes, substitutions do happen…).

You also need to know that when you buy something, you are buying the real McCoy.

Navrattan, a shop in New Delhi’s Sunder Nagar main market is one such place.

I have used the shop for decades, as have my Indian in-laws, so there is a long established unblemished record at stake here.
The owner, Naresh Tolani, is a kindly, soft-spoken man who is scrupulously honest and fair, and will never ever cheat you.  He is above reproach.

His shop is small, but he has a good range of old and new jewellery, undertakes repairs, and will never hustle you.

Personally recommended.

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