“Yesterday” is a fun, happy, feel-good movie, and after the horrid week we’ve all had, this film came as a real tonic.

(Our dog died unexpectedly, aged 6 – that’s why we had a lousy week.)

Anyway, back to the film.

Super fun.

Great music – obviously!

An absolutely stellar, breakout performance by Himesh Patel, who is a seriously talented musician, singer, actor. The whole 9 yards.

Lily James is one of my favourite young actresses, and she is every bit as smashing as Ellie as she is in all her films.

“Yesterday” is a sweet, fairytale-y film, taking place in a world where only Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) has heard of the Beatles, and so is the only person who knows their music.

Fame, fortune, world wide adulation follow as Jack shares the Beatles songs with a world who has never heard of them or their music…here, watch the trailer.

Super fun, right?

I reckon a film that:

a) has Beatles music

b) makes the whole cinema sing along to “Hey Jude” during the closing credits

is a pretty successful film.

Super cast – Ed Sheeran is great, Kate McKinnon is on top form, Joel Fry is a laugh-out-loud scene-stealer, and there are cameos from the likes of James Corden.

The scan of the concert on Gorleston beach is electrifying, and I have to say the old home country was looking pretty darn fantastic in those aerial shots of the hotel and the beach.

Apparently it was a live performance with over 6,000 extras. As i said earlier in this review – super fun, right?

I can (almost) understand why people want to go and visit locations after seeing them in a film. Gorleston looks amazing.

Enjoy this totally happy film, though there is one very moving moment which I’ll not plot-spoil.

And enjoy the sing along 🙂

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