Is Icon Cineconic in Bangkok worth it?

Is Icon Cineconic in Bangkok worth it?

Given the opulence of the setting, I think that Icon Cineconic in the uber-luxury, brand new IconSiam mall, is actually totally reasonable.

I live in India, and during a week of intensive cinema going in Bangkok – 4 movies in a week – every time we paid less than we would to see a film at a comparative-quality cinema in Delhi.

But, realistically, there is no comparison, in terms of luxury and space, between the smart cinemas in India and the cinemas in Icon Cineconic.

Bangkok wins hands down.

The mall where the cinemas are located only opened in November 2018, and yet has already become a major tourist destination, with ferries shuttling thousands of people there every day.

The cinema consists of a total of 2,781 seats spread over many different screens, including a VIP screen, an IMAX screen, one 4DX screen, a Kid’s Cinema, nine normal screens and a 30-capacity “Living Room Theater,” which guests can rent for private parties.

We went to the normal screens and paid Baht 200 per ticket.

Everything in Icon Cineconic is on a massive scale.

There are banks of ticket machines, for example, along with charming people on hand to help, in case you need it. And, yes, they are all English-speaking, too! Twice we ordered our tickets on line & the procedure was simple and flawless.

There are huge escalators to whisk you upon and down to the cinemas, which are spread over a couple of floors.

There are wide corridors, endless sitting areas, there are unbelievably luxurious, marble-clad bathrooms. And everything is spotlessly clean.

Heck, there’s even a special bathroom for children!

Since we don’t speak Thai, we saw 4 movies in English, and they were all subtitled.

Totally recommended.

We paid our own way, and no one knew that I blog or write reviews.

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