Is Bangkok’s Golden Teak Museum worth visiting?

Is Bangkok’s Golden Teak Museum worth visiting?

Honestly speaking, the Golden Teak Museum is not one of Bangkok’s absolute “must see” sights, but it is, however, great fun.

Moreover, since it is located in the compound of the absolutely stunning Wat Thewarat Kunchorn Worawiharn – which you really, really should see – then it makes total sense to include this charming, quirky little museum as well.

For 30 baht, you get to explore a beautiful 2 storey building, made entirely of golden teak, and over 500 years old. There are massive pillars, beautiful smooth floors (you leave your shoes outside) and a relaxed, gentle vibe.

The interior is a glorious golden colour

You learn all about teak:

This is a “slice” of a teak tree, annotated for all the centuries of historic events it has seen and outlived – pretty cool

There are very sacred statues:

And there are some extraordinary, life-size fibreglass statues of important Buddhist monks. But a word of warning – these statues are startlingly (almost disconcertingly) lifelike.

The detailing is extraordinary

There is also a very interesting photo collection of the Thai kings over the generations, including loads of lovely photos from last year’s coronation of King Rama X.

King Rama X’s coronation in 2019

There was an absolutely charming lady, speaking good English, who gently & unhurriedly walked with us, explaining the significance of the monks, and pointing out members of the royal family, and (adorably) ordering us to pose for photos in nearly every room.

You could not have wished for a more affectionate guide, around a sweet museum.

Personally recommended.

We paid our own way & no-one knew that I write reviews.

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