Eating at Morgan’s Place in Bundi

Eating at Morgan’s Place in Bundi

Arriving in Bundi in India’s Rajasthan during Coronavirus was a weird experience. We were a party of 4, and were the ONLY tourists in town.

As in the ONLY ones.

Our hotel was operating only a skeleton service, so we looked for somewhere to eat out, but many places were closed. Hardly surprising given the total lack of visitors.

So on our first day, shortly after arrival, when we were pointed in the direction of Morgan’s Place by a friendly guard at the fort, we headed off through the narrow, crowded streets and then climbed for ever and a day (or so it seemed!) to emerge breathless into a delightful little restaurant with a view of the fort that was breathtaking…and we were already out of breath from all the stairs, remember!

The View – doesn’t get much better, does it?

That first visit was for a very late lunch and cold drinks – as in lunch at 4pm kinda late – and we were the only customers, but service was quick and efficient and friendly, and the food delicious.

All Covid protocols were in place, and the restaurant was spick & span, as was the bathroom.

Wrap-around views at this pretty restaurant

After that we ate both our lunches and dinners there.

Well, lunches were there.

Dinners were delivered to us in our hotel, where we sat in solitary splendour on our roof terrace with a fabulous view of the fort. Brilliant service!

I’m not quite sure what I expected from a tiny town in Rajasthan during a pandemic, but it certainly wasn’t a crisp rocket salad, starring fresh cherry tomatoes, nor a lovely Mediterranean platter. I can understand, in “normal” times, when Bundi is apparently bursting at the seams with visitors, that such dishes would be on the menu. But in these straightened times?

All I can say is that the 4 of us fell on the food and ate with relish 🙂

Lovely place.

Great food.

Great service.

And as for that view…SO worth the steep climb!

No-one at Morgan’s Place knew that I blog and write reviews and we paid our own bill.

100% recommended.

And once again, hats off to the cook and the staff for producing such delicious food in these strange times.

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