Staying at Labboo’z Café & Lodge, Maheshwar

Staying at Labboo’z Café & Lodge, Maheshwar

On our just-concluded 4,500km road trip down to Karnataka, we overnighted in this delightful little hotel in Maheshwar and what a sweet, quirky place it is.

Butbefore I go any further, the main thing you need to know is that the rooms in Labboo’z are small.

At 19 square metres, our room (Bee Eater) was j-u-s-t about acceptable, though the hand-shower area/sink/loo (in 3 separate little nooks) were very definitely small.

But what our room lacked in space, it made up for with 2 lovely terraces.

The hand shower and loo were in separate tiny nooks. Cute, very cute. But still small. But done with style, using the lovely, original windows.
The major feature of our room was this large terrace. There was also a small one at the rear, which we didn’t use.

Our friends, staying in Parakeet, had a small room – no two ways about it. Pretty, but small.

We knew the size of the rooms in advance from the Agoda website, but the lure of staying in a fort was too strong!

I think Labboo’s must originally have been the guard quarters of the adjacent Ahilya Fort (I’m sure I read that somewhere) and for an overnight stop it was perfect. We parked our car opposite Labboo’z, meaning we could see it from our room, and we were a 20 second walk from the door leading down to the ghats, so it was all quite splendid. The next morning, at sunrise, I strolled over from our room and was the first person down to the ghats, with the guard unlocking the door for me – too fabulous.

There’s our car, so we could keep an eye on it!

The staff were very sweet about organising dinner on our terrace for the 4 of us, though we had to eat early (the kitchens close early) and it was just snack-y stuff – pakoras etc. If we’d planned a longer stay in Maheshwar, we’d definitely have resorted to eating out elsewhere.

We were on our way too early for breakfast, so they packed sandwiches for us, which were delivered with our early morning tea.


Quaint, super-atmospheric setting.

But, do remember, the rooms are small.

You have been warned.

We paid our own way, booking through Agoda and paying a 50% deposit in advance. No-one knew that I blog and write reviews.

By the way, in these Covid times, everything was spotlessly clean and the staff all wore masks.

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