I have just returned from yet another wonderful trip to Gangotri 1 with White Magic, and in my other, personal blog, I’ve written a report of my climb which was wonderful despite my not summiting. This review, however, is not about me, but all about WM and their service.

Spoiler alert!

This was yet another flawless trip with a company whom I rate the best in the business in India.

Having travelled with a couple of other outfitters before discovering WM, one of which I would label as downright irresponsible, I am an unabashed fan of WM’s management style and their strict attitude to safety and security.

I first travelled with this Delhi-based company in 2013 and eight years on, as you can perhaps tell, I am still a huge fan.

Over the years I have written reviews and trip reports after my climbs and treks with White Magic, and this time is no exception.

Excellent service should be recognised.

First things first. Of the six of us in the climbing party, 4 of us were repeat clients which speaks volumes. I have yet to be on a White Magic trip without repeat clients, so clearly these guys are doing something absolutely right!

The calm, professional and unflappable Avilash Bisht led the climb and when it soon became apparent that I was the slowest in the pack, largely because of my inability to acclimatise properly, Avilash slowed down and walked with me, monitoring my pace and my health.


Mohan Singh, with whom I have been on many trips was also part of the team, his quiet kindness and solid presence always so reassuring.

Gaurav, a relative newcomer to WM, was a font of strength and when I turned back one day on an acclimatisation hike, we sat in the sun, chatting and enjoying the stunning views. He managed to calm me down and stop me fretting about turning back.

Mingtemba Sherpa, Karma Sherpa, the wonderful Arjun in the kitchen tent, Sanjeev – all this brilliant team looked after us, served us delicious and copious amount of food and kept us safe. As on my last trip with WM, to Mera Peak in Nepal, I took a private porter and Pushkar Sherpa helped me no end, as I slogged slowly up and down the slopes.

I have not one word of criticism of this small, tight-knit, professional team. Not one word. They monitored our O2 levels every day, they checked we were eating properly, they doled out meds as and when needed, and overall their focus on safety was always paramount.

Sadly the summit was not to be mine, and I can puzzle long and hard over it and what went wrong when I thought I had trained sufficiently, but the “blame” for not summiting is fairly and squarely mine.

The always-brilliant WM team did their best to make it happen.

Here are a few moments from a super trip:

A hot, cooked lunch on the go. Well, on a big rock, actually 🙂
My tent at Base Camp. WM provided 2 tents for us on this trip. These at Base Camp, and smaller ones as we moved up the mountain.
Tea, coffee, and hot water always on tap
As ever, hot water and soap always ready for us outside the mess tent
Tea served in your tent in the morning.
Luxury defined 🙂
Pumpkin soup served in a pumpkin!!
Style at 4,500m
Arjun made these for us for lunch, as we headed down the mountain…

So there we are. Another smashing trip. Summiting would’ve been fun, but clearly it wasn’t written in my stars.

And by the way – obviously I pay my own way with WM, and they have never, ever, once even so much as asked me to blog about them. This review comes 100% from the heart.

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