CHOM ARUN  a sweet Bangkok restaurant

CHOM ARUN a sweet Bangkok restaurant

Today I learned that the Thai word “chom” means to see, watch or look.

And since “Chom Arun”, the pretty restaurant where we had lunch today, is situated bang opposite the iconic Wat Arun, on Bangkok’s Chao Phraya river, the name couldn’t be better chosen.

I can imagine this being a brilliant location at dusk and at night, when Wat Arun is illuminated, but on a hot afternoon, it was the air-conditioned interior, with the blinds half-drawn against the sun, that attracted us.

It is airy and spacious, with a pared-down feel:

My husband felt like eating pad Thai, but they only had seafood pad Thai on the menu, and he is allergic to seafood.

So they made him a chicken one.

Which wasn’t on the menu.


He said it was good: nothing earth-shattering, but absolutely delicious.

I had squid and salted egg, and the waiter advised rice because of the saltiness – wise counsel.

It was good, no chillies:

My drink was a Mocktail, fittingly called Ginger Arun, and it was delicious and refreshing, and perfect for pepping one up on a hot day:

Love the ginger garnish!

Spotless loos.

Charming staff, with excellent English.


And we will go back for sure one evening for the night views – to “chom” Wat Arun all illuminated.

Not cheap, by Bangkok street-food standards, BUT it is in prime tourist land, minutes from Wat Pho and with a magnificent river view.

Obviously I didn’t tell our charming waiter that I blog and write reviews, sand equally obviously, we paid our own way.

Adding a screen shot from Google maps to help you locate the place.

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