BUKHARA exhibition at the Delhi Crafts Museum

BUKHARA exhibition at the Delhi Crafts Museum

It’s been almost 5 1/2 years since my last visit to the Crafts Museum in Delhi, at which point I vowed to go there more regularly. So that didn’t exactly go according to plan now, did it?

Anyway, I girded up my loins today, battled truly vile traffic jams, and went to visit the stunning Bukhara exhibition at the Crafts Museum.

I am delighted to report that the small, gorgeously curated exhibition is so wonderful that you can almost forget the awful drive to get there.

The whole museum has clearly had a face lift and everything was looking brighter and way better displayed than I’d remembered, but today’s focus was the small, wonderful collection of central Asian textiles from the private collection of David Housego and his wife Mandeep (of Shades of India fame).

The fabrics – wall hangings, ikats and rugs – are exquisite and wonderfully displayed.

It was like entering a marvellous jewel box, with bold vivid colours and dramatic shafts of light.

This stunning outfit (above) is NOT contemporary, as one could be forgiven for thinking, but dates from the 19th century.

My friend Shalini & I just stood there, in awe and totally in love with this.

Trust me – go see this exhibition.

It is truly gorgeous.

We pottered a little more in the museum, but time was against us, so once again, hand on heart, I vow that I am definitely going back to see the rest of the museum.

Watch this space,

Details of entry costs and tines are available on the museums’ website.

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