KICA ACTIVE running tops

KICA ACTIVE running tops

Disclaimer: I was given the 2 tops I am about to review by Kica to try out, but with absolutely zero pressure to say/write anything about them.

I don’t think the good folks at Kica even know I blog, so I repeat, absolutely no pressure from their side at all.

But having worn them both, and more importantly, raced in them both, I am more than happy to share my thoughts here.

And they are all positive thoughts.

Top #1, the Punch top (left) was given to me last October, and I wore it for the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon.

I wore it a couple of times before race day, to “break it in” as it were, but to be honest, there was no need. It was comfy from the word go.

The top is light as a feather, fits beautifully and I literally could not feel it while I was running.

No chafing.

No sweat marks.

I liked it so much I bought a 2nd one in grey, and have worn them both for running, and also as a relaxed top with trousers.

Here is me (below) a whole lot less glam than the Kica chicas wearing them (above), but I just wanted you to know that I have worn this top, raced in this top, and love it!

Race day in October – a happy half marathon 🙂

Then, just a week ago, the Kica team sent me one of their new running range of tops, the Evolve Feather Feel top (below), which I wore for a 10k race on Sunday.

I tested it once before race day and yet again, am happy to report that I could not feel it, so light and flowing does it feel.

The 2 “keyholes” (above) for breathability really worked.

The top felt as light as the proverbial feather as I ran through the early morning streets of Delhi and, yet again, there were no sweat marks.

I am a fan.

Check out these smashing tops online at

100% recommended and, as I stated at the outset, although these were gifted to me, I was not asked to review or publicise them.

This is genuine and from the (runner’s) heart!

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