I’ll cut to the chase – fellow Dilliwalas go, go, go to this fascinating exhibition!

Trust me, please, and just go.

It is one of the most restful, relaxed and intriguing exhibitions I’ve ever been to, though, yes, technically Van Gogh 360 is not an “exhibition” in the formal sense of the word.

Rather, this is an immersive artistic experience, set to music, and you sit there while Van Gogh flows over you. Around you. On the floor beneath you. Birds fly through the scenes, trees sway in the breeze.

Quite stunning.

There is an introductory room with informative panels about the different aspects of Van Gogh’s life and work, which are well worth reading before you go into the room where the immersive exhibition takes place.

There is no formal start time – the experience flows on continuously in the most relaxed way possible, with gentle classical music playing. The Delhi exhibition limits visitors to 140 at a time, which is a good idea, because you need a bit of space to walk around, wander, change viewing angle.

One of the things I loved about the experience was the fact that people were sitting on bean bags, or on the floor (with the images washing over them) or slowly wandering around. And in the case of some little kiddos, chasing the sunflowers that rolled slowly across the screens and the floor (below), while one little girl skipped round and round following figures and birds and flowers – too cute.

There was, predictably, endless selfie-ing and endless posing in front the screens, but everything was totally relaxed and unstuffy.

There was one very earnest young woman pouting furiously in front of the images, and tossing her hair hither and thither, and frantically checking the photos her friend was taking – but no-one seemed really fussed about her.

I loved the whole immersive experience.

I spent about an hour there, relaxing and I freely admit it, smiling with delight when I walked into a room full of sunflowers – my timing was pretty darn perfect!

Book online through

And the venue is in Gurgaon, the satellite city next to Delhi. Ample (paid) parking. Good, watchful but not intrusive security.


  1. Sounds very like the immersive VG we went to in a warehouse near Bristol Temple Meads station. It was a really fun experience and great to just sit and be surrounded by projections of his wonderful paintings, and music.

    Penny Winter

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