There is only one negative thing to share about my “Barbie” experience.

NO-ONE was wearing pink in the cinema.

We saw the film 3 days ago in Bangkok (where Barbie-mania was full on, I might add) but there were no pink outfits, which was a little sad, because so much of the world appears to have dressed to the nines to see this fabulous film.

Light-hearted, witty, sassy – and at times, emotional. That takes some doing and this film does it all. It also tackles toxic masculinity head on, but in a funny way – not a phrase that immediately springs to mind.

This is a clever, funny, moving film. I dragged my reluctant husband along to see it, and he laughed out loud and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The look and feel of the film is spot-on, and I read a fascinating article, about a global shortage of pink paint thanks to this film – here’s the link 🙂

Each and every cast member is perfect, and it is invidious to name names, but here a few of my top faves:

America Ferrera is stunning and her speech to Barbie is powerful, emotional stuff.

Margot Robbie is perfection.

Ryan Gosling is fabulous.

Simu Liu is hilarious…

…actually, there was not one member of the cast who wasn’t perfect.

The music is great, and the dancing smashing.

Loved it.

Oh, actually, yes, I had one other regret – not being very Barbie literate, I did miss some of the references to all the different Barbies and Kens. Got the general idea, recognised some of them, and Googled afterwards.

I’m trying to decide if not recognising every single Barbie as they appeared is justification for seeing this fun film again.

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  1. Oy. I heard you liked it. Ali G and I thought it was boring and stupid. Maybe I just wasn’t in a Barbie mood. I didn’t even like the last line, though I should have thought it side-splittingly funny. My feminist hackles were up, up, up. I tried to like it. I laughed a few times. I slept through part of it. The commercialism and lack of historical authenticity bothered me. (Now who’s boring?)

    I did, however, wear pink. And Ali G’s lipstick was so pink we almost got asked to turn down the glow coming from her vestibulum oris, so as not to disturb the other Barbie fans.

    Eden Brown

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