Monet & Friends Alive exhibition in Bangkok

Monet & Friends Alive exhibition in Bangkok

After the total immersion in the genius of Van Gogh at the eponymous Van Gogh 360 Exhibition in Delhi last year, I was keen to visit “Monet and Friends”, a similarly billed experience, on a recent trip to Bangkok.

Described as “an immersive adventure into French Impressionism”, this exhibition/experience was not as visually enveloping as Van Gogh, in as much as one wasn’t fully 360 degree surrounded by the images. They didn’t flow over you, wrapping you in the colours – but it was every bit as amazing.

It is more of a projection of the works of 15 Impressionist painters on massive screens, but it is a wonderful experience, as images unfold in front of you.

There was only a handful of people there on the day we visited, and everyone was much more quiet and restrained than the visitors to the Van Gogh exhibition in India, where children raced around trying to “catch” images – or perhaps that’s just the cultural difference between the two countries.

Squishy cushions to enjoy the show.

What the Bangkok exhibition had, however, was full-on immersive social-media-ing afterwards. And this section was every bit as fascinating as the exhibition proper.

You could step into a frame to replicate a painting, eat at a café from a painting, pose amidst Impressionist-y looking bowers, and even get AI-morphed/painted by Claude Monet.

There was also lots of shopping opportunities for Impressionist-themed merchandise.

And yes, dear reader, we did indeed try out some of these post-exhibition activities…all in the name of researching this blog post, of course!

Since the exhibition was pretty empty, we could take our own sweet time pottering around afterwards, taking lots of photos that did NOT make it on to social media, I hasten to add!

Between you & me, I secretly rather like this photo (above)

We also had great fun getting ourselves “painted” by Claude Monet, which involved a few false starts because we kept messing up the technology, and then laughing out loud at the results, and then re-doing the photos, so that we looked less gruesome.

The AI makeover was totally OTT 😛

All good fun, but I should imagine at weekends and school holidays, there must be queues of people waiting for their Instagram shot,

As it was, we could happily faff around 🙂

The exhibition is on the 6th floor of IconSiam, and is on until 14th February.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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