MUSEUM SIAM in Bangkok

MUSEUM SIAM in Bangkok

What a fascinating, fun and hugely informative museum this is…everything a museum should be, actually, but so often isn’t.

Located in a gorgeous historic building, Museum Siam is a discovery museum on the essence of Thai-ness and what exactly it means to be Thai.

To non-Thais like us, the “Deciding Thai-ness” exhibits were absolutely fascinating, and as if to drive home the point of “Thai-ness”, there was a huge school group visiting at the same time as us.

Usually, to be honest, the sight of dozens of school children, ranging from little-ies to teenagers, in a museum or gallery with you, is not a cause for celebration. But true to form, these Thai children and teenagers were perfectly well behaved, listened to their teachers explaining things, all politely said “Good morning” to us and studied the exhibits

The exhibition is beautifully done, with lots of interactive stuff happening – drawers to be opened, panels to be aligned to explain the history architectural marvels.

Like so:

There was a quirkiness to many of the explanations about the daily things one sees in Thailand – from the bus conductors’ pouch to the ubiquitous puffed up plastic bags of take away food:

Above – “the puffiness is the trademark” – too cute.

Explanations about food were displayed on – naturally – plates!

In one fascinating section of the museum, which explained religious beliefs and concepts, a charming young boy (one of the school groups) chatted in perfect English and showed us how to shake spills to “tell our fortune”…all that “Thai-ness” on display.

My favourite part of the museum was an amazing moving display of Thai history and culture.

The commentary was in Thai or English, so obviously we opted for the English version – along with lots of serious Thai youngsters.

This is what the display looks like:

Different boxes rise to accompany the commentary.

I cannot recommend this informative and beautifully done museum too highly.

Here’s the link to their website, which gives timings, costs and location.

Obviously I didn’t tell anyone that I blog.

This is the part when I usually says “we paid our own way”…but as senior citizens we got free admission 🙂

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