Where to learn scuba diving in Bangkok

Where to learn scuba diving in Bangkok

If you’re in Bangkok, and want to learn to scuba dive or (as I did today) do a skills review & tune-up, then I have the perfect place for you.

Head to So Heng Tai mansion in Chinatown, probably the most Instagram-able front door in Bangkok – the one with the beautiful red door featured in a zillion posts – and inside you will find a pool and a scuba school. All quite unexpected.

Yup, guilty as charged…THAT fab door, from my own Instagram 🙂

Isn’t it gorgeous?

Poosak Posayachinda, who is the 8th generation of the family who built this gorgeous home in the 19th century, lives here, breeds beagles here, and is a scuba instructor.

Poosak took me through my paces for a couple of hours, checking out my basic diving skills, necessary since I haven’t dived in a few years. He was patient but meticulous, explaining concepts and drills in a clear, precise way, but not moving on until I’d done them correctly.

Fluent English, a lovely, easy-going, chatty man happy to share information about the diving scene, as well as telling us about his stunning home and the challenges of maintaining this ancient ancestral property.

For people who want to learn how to scuba dive, Poosak conducts the pool sessions here in So Heng Tai and he arranges the open water sessions at the coast – check with him for details.

I have my own equipment which I used, needing only weights and the tank from them, but I saw lots of equipment in the covered courtyard.

While we were in the pool, people wandered in, cheekily shut the iconic red courtyard door – doubtless the view of us scuba-ing in the background spoiled their shots for the ‘gram.

Here is an article well worth reading, that explains the struggle the family has to maintain this property – so if you want to explore this two centuries old courtyard home, for crying out loud, just pay the damn 50 baht charge and order a cold drink.

It’s not too much to ask, to help keep an amazing piece of history alive.

This is how I originally discovered So Heng Tai in pre-Covid days, when my daughter and I were looking for a dive centre and were promptly captivated.

We paid our small amount of money, had a cold drink, petted the beagles and left feeling super chuffed.

So, to recap.

If you want to learn how to scuba dive in what has to be THE most unique setting ever, So Heng Tai and Poosak Posayachinda are your answer. I can only speak to Mr. Posayachinda’s refresher course, which I enjoyed and it gave me the confidence I needed after a few years away from the ocean.

I didn’t tell the family that I blog and review, paid my own way (Baht 2500 for the scuba tune up session) and am happy to recommend this from personal experience.

Such a smashing pool…

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