The Summer House, Bangkok

On a recent rainy Friday in Bangkok, I stopped by The Jam Factory to explore, to potter and to have lunch. As one does. The whole area is super – a former factory beautifully & thoughtfully renovated and turned into a mixed-use area. The architect responsible for the project has… Continue reading


“Yesterday” is a fun, happy, feel-good movie, and after the horrid week we’ve all had, this film came as a real tonic. (Our dog died unexpectedly, aged 6 – that’s why we had a lousy week.) Anyway, back to the film. Super fun. Great music – obviously! An absolutely stellar,… Continue reading

White Magic Adventure Travel. Simply the best in the business

It’s all too easy to complain, isn’t it? We don’t like a restaurant/product/whatever and, quick as a flash, we complain, write a snarky Tripadvisor review, or simply badmouth the company. Good service, however, is a different ballgame altogether. Once the event is over, we always mean to write and say… Continue reading

The Nizam of Hyderabad’s jewels on display in New Delhi

Delhi readers, take note! If you haven’t already seen this astounding exhibition at the National Museum, you only have until May 5th to do so. Trust me, it is so fabulous that you will not regret it. I had seen the jewels when they were last exhibited at the Museum… Continue reading