JENNI BUTTON – classic, elegant South African clothing

On a recent return visit to Johannesburg, South Africa, where we lived for many years, I was looking for Western smart formal wear for my daughter. We now live in India, and office appropriate Western clothing isn’t always easy to find.

I was pointed in the direction of Jenni Button, and found a shop where I could have bought just about every item of clothing, so elegant and so smart and so classic are her designs.

How is it possible that I lived all those years in South Africa, in ignorance of this talented designer?

Ah well, better late than never is my mantra.

Loved the look and feel of the shop in Sandton City, with the colour co-ordinated displays.

Ms Button has simple formal wear and cocktail dresses, for example, all hanging together, by colour, tempting you to mix and match.

South Africa_Johannesburg_0449

South Africa_Johannesburg_0450


South Africa_Johannesburg_0448

South Africa_Johannesburg0451

South Africa_Johannesburg_0447

South Africa_Johannesburg_0452


As an aside:  I found small size clothes difficult to track down on my earlier not very fruitful shopping trips through the better known stores in SA.  I needed Size 6, and very few stores had this size on offer.  Jenni Button did.

Personally recommended.

I didn’t tell the staff in the shop that I blog or review.








Looking for That Jacket in Delhi ?

If you are in the market for a fabulously cut, one-of-a-kind jacket then you need look no further than the clothes of the talented, charming designer Sonam Dubal.

Sonam is now a friend, but he wasn’t the first time I saw his clothing, and promptly fell in love with his elegant pan-Asian designs.





Sonam Dubal’s clothing is what I like to call Indo-fusion, with a strong Tibetan influence, so expect beautiful high collars and sweeping skirts, fabulous capes and dramatic long coats. And as for the linings of his clothes…they are almost works of art in their own right, fabulous jewel-coloured silks revealing a sudden flash of colour.





His clientèle is as eclectic as the designer himself, and he has a strong, devoted following amongst both Indians and expats in India, and an equally strong customer base overseas.

Check out his website, to get an idea of his vision and designs:

In Delhi, his work can be found in Ogaan, in Santushti and in Hauz Khas Village.


Sonam’s website lists the boutiques across the country and overseas, where his designs are available.







Personally, strongly recommended.


When it’s hot in Delhi, the only thing to wear is cool, “chikan” work clothing.

And the classic place to buy these light, summery clothes is at Lal Behari Tandon, an unassuming, low-key shop in Aurobindo Place market, to which shoppers have been beating a path for years.

Selling only Lucknowi chikan, and only classic designs, the prices are more than reasonable, the service unfailingly polite, as they open kurta after kurta after kurta for you to choose exactly which embroidered design you wish to buy.

Nothing fancy about the interior.  Nor the prices, which suits most shoppers just fine.

The Aurobindo Place shop, below

Helpful sign in the changing room :

4 Aurobindo Place market

Hauz Khas

New Delhi 110016


Phone :011-26986552

I have never told the staff, over the years I have been shopping there, that I write and blog, and obviously I buy my own clothing.


Personally recommended.