Thirty-Nine, Hauz Khas Village

On the recommendation of our children who both work in Delhi’s Hauz Khas Village – known as HKV to the cognoscenti –  I went to the cryptically named Thirty-Nine for lunch recently with my friend Asha Framji.

We were the only 2 people eating there, one hot summer lunchtime, though I am told it is packed in the evenings. I can well believe it, since it is a great location, beautifully designed and done up, and with sweet service.  Our waiter was a tad vague, but I suspect he was shiny new on the job, but he couldn’t have been sweeter.

The restaurant is roomy, and is spread over 2 floors, and has the feel of an Olde Worlde English club.  And it works in a cute way.

Comfortable leather settees, with a suitably distressed appearance.

Thirty Nine 2

Thirty Nine 1

Rugs, throw, fake fireplace and lots of olde worlde looking artefacts, but it all manages not to look kitschy:

Thirty Nine 3

Thirty Nine 4

Thirty Nine 9


And now for the main event, the food.

Salsa dip to start while we decided what to order:

Thirty Nine 8

Asha had mulligatawny soup, which she pronounced very good

Thirty Nine 6

and a grilled cheese and tomato stack which she was less impressed by.  Said it was all a bit bland and ordinary, but we did demolish the French fries between us :

Thirty Nine 7


My sun dried tomato and artichoke salad was excellent and the asparagus were cooked perfectly.  Al dente, and so crisp and delicious :

Thirty Nine 5

So far all good.

The only snafu was when Asha took the lift down, while I went to the bathrooms (nice and clean) –  the lift jammed, and there was no mobile signal in it.  Luckily since it has glass doors, someone spotted her mid-floors and helped her out.

That needs to be dealt with.

So, as I then walked down in the absence of a lift, guess what I spotted?  This sign at the bottom of the stairs, which explained everything about the décor :

Thirty Nine 10

But we had already figured it all out, pretty much.

Prices were reasonable, especially for HKV.


Cute place.


Edward’s in Delhi’s HKV

Despite being a tad underwhelmed by Edward’s when I went there for lunch in March, I re-visited it last week for lunch with the same friend as last time, Asha Framji, as well as with our friend Sonam Dubal, whose first visit it was.

Sonam loved it, and I certainly liked it better a second time round, partly because the service was so much better, and way more efficient than the last time.

No major (read obvious) changes in 2 months, with the same cute décor, though it was certainly busier – oh, wait, yes, one noticeable thing – they have seriously nice take-away bags.  As in very smart and eye catching.

Sonam had the Caesar salad which he said was very good :

IMG_5376 1

Asha and I shared the brie salad and the pasta, and both were generous portions and very good.

IMG_5377 1

I am veg, so didn’t eat the ham (somehow missed it on the menu, as I would then have chosen differently) and neither did Asha, as she said it was a tad on the salty side, but the rest of the salad was excellent:

IMG_5378 1

I had the ginger ale, which was delicious and I loved the quirky glass.


So, better meal and therefore a better “feel” than my earlier visit.

But I still think it’s pricey…


edwards 2

Edward’s in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Hauz Khas village in New Delhi is changing at the speed of light.  My trip there yesterday for lunch, after – what? –  about 2 months revealed more shops, more eateries, sadly more old buildings pulled down, but what a hive of activity.

I went with a friend, Asha Framji, for lunch at Edward’s, on the joint recommendation of our children, both of whom work in HKV.

Very cute but expensive was their verdict.  And mine.

The place is tiny but it really is cute and the décor can’t be faulted and the view onto the neighbourhood park is lovely.

IMG_4438 1





But the fact remains, cuteness aside, that Rs 900 for 2 sarnies and a bottle of water is expensive.

Here is Asha’s Pesto chicken which she said was good :


And my Humus sandwich (I am veg) which was OK. Nothing more.

IMG_4436 1


Lovely bread but far too crumbly for the contents, which spilled out at the first bite  – and what was with the waiter taking my sandwich back from the table and adding lettuce to it as an afterthought ?  That was after mixing up our orders initially?

I am not one to nitpick in young restaurants run by young people, truly I am not, but when you are charging Rs 450 for a sandwich and there are only 2 other people in the restaurant, you take note who has ordered what, surely ?

I also thought bottled water had to be at the MRP ?

Conclusion ?

Cute but way too expensive for a sandwich.  Which is exactly what our children had told us.


Looking for That Jacket in Delhi ?

If you are in the market for a fabulously cut, one-of-a-kind jacket then you need look no further than the clothes of the talented, charming designer Sonam Dubal.

Sonam is now a friend, but he wasn’t the first time I saw his clothing, and promptly fell in love with his elegant pan-Asian designs.





Sonam Dubal’s clothing is what I like to call Indo-fusion, with a strong Tibetan influence, so expect beautiful high collars and sweeping skirts, fabulous capes and dramatic long coats. And as for the linings of his clothes…they are almost works of art in their own right, fabulous jewel-coloured silks revealing a sudden flash of colour.





His clientèle is as eclectic as the designer himself, and he has a strong, devoted following amongst both Indians and expats in India, and an equally strong customer base overseas.

Check out his website, to get an idea of his vision and designs:

In Delhi, his work can be found in Ogaan, in Santushti and in Hauz Khas Village.


Sonam’s website lists the boutiques across the country and overseas, where his designs are available.







Personally, strongly recommended.

Cocoberry now in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

The ever-evolving Hauz Khas Village is an obvious choice for a new outlet of this popular FroYo chain.

Good location on the village main street.

Minsicule shop, with 2 tiny tables each seating 2, so I imagine most trade will be take-aways.

Charming service.

We got to taste before choosing, declined toppings, of which there were many on offer, and it was all very pleasant.

My green apple :

Anjulie’s Berryblast :




When I asked the staff whether I could go behind the counter to take a picture of the range of pretty-looking toppings, the answer was a polite but emphatic “No ma’am” – well done !


Pricing seemed absolutely fine.


I predict this will do well – although how they will fare in the heat of a Delhi summer, when people want something cool, but when there are only 4 seats, I’m none too sure.