How good is the new “Juggernaut” mobile app?

Very good, is the answer.

This recently launched app for mobiles here in India, is set to change the way we read, make no mistake.

Without being remotely qualified to write an in-depth technical review of the Juggernaut app, let me just say that it was easy to download, is super easy to use, and the one query I had was replied to promptly by the support team.

Basically, with Juggernaut you can download and read books on your mobile –  & access the same books on a device like an iPad.  (This was actually my query to the support team).

Books are very reasonably priced, and what is refreshing is that the initial titles are focusing on and promoting Indian writers.

But how does reading on Juggernaut differ from reading in, say, a Kindle?

Well, for starters, you don’t have to invest in a separate piece of hardware.  Your smart phone is enough.

Plus, there is an interactive aspect to the app, whereby you can ask the author a question, straight from the app itself, which is pretty cool.

In the interests of full disclosure, I was contacted by Juggernaut towards the end of June, asking as a blogger and, especially, a book blogger, whether I’d like to review books using their app.  The first book that I read using the app, “How to kill a billionaire”, is reviewed in my other blog, and was sent to me, free, by the good folk at Juggernaut.

I was initially a bit of a techno-loser, forgetting to report back to Juggernaut that I had indeed downloaded the app, but once this hiccough (entirely my fault) was cleared up, they have been in regular contact.

So, step 1.

Download the free app.  I now have it on my iPhone & iPad.

You can quickly personalise the app, by going to one of the 23 categories they list & seeing what’s on offer.

Step 2.

Download a book – and here I must be honest, I don’t yet know how smooth the payment mechanism is, but I suspect it will be seamless.  The app as a whole seems to be that way.  Certainly the book is downloaded in a trice, with an instantaneous follow-up email.

This was the first book I read, and I deliberately read it on both my devices, and the transition between the 2 was flawless.  It picked up on one where I had left off on the other.


You can increase the font size, as well as the background colour:


When you’ve finished, you can chat to the author – haven’t tried, but fully intend so doing – and leave a review.


There are many books, all very reasonably priced, and then there are some free books, so (naturally!) I downloaded a couple of these, starting with “Tale of a Tub” which, to my shame as an Eng Lit grad, I haven’t read.

This is how the book is presented:


And the acknowledgment that the download is complete:


All blissfully straightforward.

In its portability – eliminating the need for even a Kindle – I think the good folk at Juggernaut are definitely on to a winner here.  We all of us carry our smart phones everywhere, and as I have discovered, it’s no different than reading a book than, say, reading an email which we all do all the time on our phones.

What is super exciting about the team at Juggernaut is that they are not only promoting reading, but they are simultaneously promoting writing.

See.  Read this message:


Now HOW exciting is this?

So, in summary –  a free app that delivers books quickly and inexpensively to your smart phone.

Clear, nice look.

Simple to use.


Would I recommend it?  Hey!  That is exactly what I am doing here 🙂

What is a good, really strong iPhone case?


In a word.

And why do I say this?

I broke my thumb in a recent running accident.  My Skech-protected iPhone 5 emerged almost unscathed.  Is that proof enough?

Since my poor phone went flying from my about-to-be-broken hand as I fell, the fact that it survived intact is a good enough testimonial for me.


When I got my lovely iPhone 5 for Christmas, my son gave me a Skech cover, muttering something along the lines of “no expense spared for you, Mum.  This case is expensive but will protect your phone.”

I think I may have demurred at its simple looks, secretly wanting something a tad more gimmicky.  You know those “Keep calm and…” kind of cases…

But Hari was adamant.

A Skech would protect my brand new phone.

Fast forward about 2 months, and the little protective thing that goes over the on/off button came off.  Not that sturdy then.  Hari confirmed that the same thing had happened to his Skech case.  I started a complaint procedure (which I may now need to amend).

Serious fast forward to last weekend, a mere 3 1/2 months after Xmas, when I fell in a rather bloody messy tangle while out running in a Delhi forest.  I was holding my phone –  timer/GPS on and all that running malarkey –  and it went flying from my hand, and I obviously feared the worst.

This was the worst :


Scratches at the bottom where my poor phone hit the track, but no major damage. To the phone.  I broke my thumb, remember…

(And you can see in the top right hand corner where the thingamajig is missing.)

I immediately ordered a new Skech cover, albeit in a slightly jazzier colour, because I am now convinced.


Personally recommended.

I bought mine from eBay, but their website will tell you where you can buy these sturdy products.

Hmmmm….while checking their website just now, prior to adding their address, I saw that they have lovely armband covers for iPhones…might make more sense…


Where to get coloured cables for Apple products in India

It’s not rocket science, but the first time I saw a display of coloured iPhone/iPad/iPod cables, it was something of a revelation.

Move over classic same-as-everyone-else’s white cables and chargers, and enter a range of bright, jolly, indivdual colours.

There is the added incentive that these might well mark the end of one of the many little squabbles that dog a home full of dedicated Apple users.

Trying to mark my territory over my chargers and cables, I had taken to sticking on labels with my initials (confusingly CAP), but different colours makes much better sense.

So for Christmas that’s what my son did.  From ebay India he bought us all different colours.

I am red, fyi.

IMG_2813 1

IMG_2814 1

IMG_2815 1

Cheap AND cheerful.
Thoroughly recommended.