Looking for That Jacket in Delhi ?

If you are in the market for a fabulously cut, one-of-a-kind jacket then you need look no further than the clothes of the talented, charming designer Sonam Dubal.

Sonam is now a friend, but he wasn’t the first time I saw his clothing, and promptly fell in love with his elegant pan-Asian designs.





Sonam Dubal’s clothing is what I like to call Indo-fusion, with a strong Tibetan influence, so expect beautiful high collars and sweeping skirts, fabulous capes and dramatic long coats. And as for the linings of his clothes…they are almost works of art in their own right, fabulous jewel-coloured silks revealing a sudden flash of colour.





His clientèle is as eclectic as the designer himself, and he has a strong, devoted following amongst both Indians and expats in India, and an equally strong customer base overseas.

Check out his website, to get an idea of his vision and designs:


In Delhi, his work can be found in Ogaan, in Santushti and in Hauz Khas Village.


Sonam’s website lists the boutiques across the country and overseas, where his designs are available.







Personally, strongly recommended.

Where to buy excellent pashminas in Delhi

This review was originally posted in July 2012, and nothing at all has changed in my approval of this shop –  except that the name has changed and they are now not at all tucked away in a corner at Santushti, but on a main lane in the same complex – just more visible.

I went there 3 weeks ago, and shopped, as I always do when I go there.

I will leave the original review pretty much as it is, below, and will add a few updated comments at the end (in another colour, to differentiate –  blue, methinks) and some updated photos, as well as their new address.  But I will change the name of the shop to its new one, so you don’t go off on a wild-goose chase.


July 2012

I was chatting yesterday over lunch with a girl-friend here in Delhi who knows a thing or two about pashminas and all manner of things Kashmiri.

I commented that the word “pashmina” seems to have traveled like wildfire around the globe, and has become oftentimes almost indistinguishable from the word “shawl”.  Everyone seems to wear a “pashmina” these days.

Most Indian women still know their shawls and can identify a fake from real class with one quick glance, but for those of us less skilled, you need to be able to know and trust your dealer.

For years I have bought shawls from a shop tucked away in a quiet corner of that lovely peaceful shopping centre “Santushti”.

The shop, BARGHA, has a range of shawls, stoles, and scarves in just about every shade you could think of.  You think you know what colour you want, and then you see all the gradations, and decision making goes out of the window.




The shop stocks top end pashminas, as well as a range of mixes – x % pashmina with x % silk or wool, and they scrupulously point out all the choices and qualities.


One of the things I appreciate about shopping at Bargha is that the staff are totally un-pushy, leaving you alone to browse at your own pace.

Speaking only for myself, I tend to flee a shop where the sales-people try to force my hand.

Personally recommended.  

Oh yes, and by the way, I had been buying from them for years before I posted my original review, and only told them about it the next time I visited.





Fast forward to May 2014

So the shop is now more visible in the pretty Santushti complex, the name has changed, but otherwise it is the same quiet un-pushy service, which makes shopping there so relaxed.

And the same rows of wonderfully colour graded shawls…

India_New Delhi_8653

India_New Delhi_8654



I love, love, love these bright scarves with fabulous jewellery attached.

They will be on my shopping list for my next visit, I can tell you.

India_New Delhi_8652

India_New Delhi_8651


10/10 for consistently discreet service.

9/10 for range, price, quality.


A safe, reliable choice for lunch in Delhi – Basil & Thyme

If you are looking for a safe, reliable, air-conditioned, relaxing place for lunch in Delhi (and come to think of it, who isn’t ?) then look no further than the little restaurant tucked into the far corner of the Santushti Shopping Complex.

Welcome to Basil & Thyme.

A favourite haunt of ladies who lunch and foreigners shopping at Santushti’s elegant shops, Basil & Thyme serves consistently good, Western food.

Lots of quiches, salads, pasta, crepes.   Divine olive pate.

No alcohol.

Good puddings.

OK coffee.

Delicious ginger fizz, which is a lurid bubble-gum pink, but refreshing.

It’s not that cheap, I warn you – well, I think Rs 125 (+ VAT) is a lot for a small coffee.

Having said that, it’s a relaxing place to eat in one of Delhi’s cutest and quietest shopping centres.


Here is our recent bill for 3 people :