Starbucks, Connaught Place, New Delhi

It’s taken a while, but I finally visited a Starbucks in India.

The fact that I ended up in the wrong Starbucks for my first-time meeting with a well-known author is not especially relevant to this review, other than the fact that sitting alone (in the wrong place, you remember) gave me time to observe my surroundings.

And jolly impressive they were, too.  Now please don’t take this wrongly, all ye diehard “Mera Bharaat Mahaan” people, but sitting in Starbucks in Connaught Place, you could have been anywhere in the world.  Which is what you sort of expect in a Starbucks, right?

I knew I was in India, because of the very polite service and the “Ma’am” added to every sentence, but in case of doubt, here you go:


But what was totally un-Indian (and y’all know I love India.  Live here, remember) is the feeling of space.  It’s lovely and restful, when you find it.  And it was quiet and the cappuccino was excellent.

So all round great experience.

Too bad I was in the wrong Starbucks for my meeting.


India_Starbucks_8891Oh yes.


Rs 147 for a very generously sized cappuccino.  Not bad at all.

A shout-out to Starbucks on Park Avenue South

When you stay at the kind of hotel that doesn’t have a kettle in the room, you head out for breakfast.

Literally 30 seconds from our hotel there was a Starbucks.  The New York Times, wifi, loads of space to sit and surf – perfect.

Now, I have been in other Starbucks both in the US and overseas, but this one was a delight.

The staff were charming to a fault, were friendly and welcoming, despite the high volume of customers streaming in every morning.  By Day 3, they all recognised us (think it was my funny Pom accent) and even though I could never remember that a grande  =  medium (have I finally got that right ?) they greeted us with big happy smiles every day of our 10 days stay in Manhattan, and remembered our mispronounced orders.

Well done & thank you.