Where can I find good Japanese food in Hong Kong ? Oh, and it must be vegetarian, by the way

Ours is not an easy family to feed.

– Husband is allergic to any form of seafood.

– Daughter dearest is vegetarian.

– I don’t eat meat.

Thank goodness for our son who eats everything.

Equally thank goodness for Tokio Joe in the buzzing  Lan Kwai Fong district of Central.

With a fabulous range of sushi and sashimi, including vegetarian sushi (praise The Lord) 3 out of the 4 of us were happy, and hubby had excellent meat both times we ate there.

We were introduced to Tokio Joe’s by our Hong Kong based friend, Malini, who took us there for dinner, mid-week, and it was jam-packed.  Then we went back for a weekend lunch and it was practically deserted.

Odd, but there you are.

Both times the food was excellent, and the service helpful and efficient.

Dinner first.

Delicious edamame beans to nibble, whilst deciding on the food :


The charming ritual of choosing a sake cup :

Our daughter had the vegetarian sushi, and pronounced it excellent. (She later had the same thing a second time, declaring it equally delicious) :


Malini and I had sushi and sashimi, and they were both utterly divine :


And hubby’s meat was declared excellent :


It may well seem unadventurous to repeat a restaurant in Hong Kong in less than 3 days, but our biggest problem all week was finding vegetarian food.  Having found good vegetarian food, back we went.

As I said, the place was pretty empty on a Saturday lunchtime, but perhaps it is more of an office, weekday hang-out.

The same delicious edamame whilst we decided what to eat :

The same nice ritual of choosing one’s sake cup :


And, if the truth be known, the same a la carte veg sushi option for our daughter :


Delicious genmaicha :

My sashimi was perfect.

Nothing else to add.

Just perfect :

The beef goma teriyaki was great, I am reliably informed :

But the award for the best value/presentation went to the regular lunch box :

We got fruit & lychee flavoured jelly this time :

Highly recommended, especially if you are vegetarian.  Hong Kong ain’t easy for you, I assure you, so places like this are to be treasured.

We paid our own bills, both times, and I did not tell them I review restaurants.

Pet heaven in Manhattan

So there we were, wandering up Lexington Avenue – as one does –  when we saw a crowd on the pavement, surrounding a van.  We stopped (obviously) and saw it was a pet adoption drive.  Since all our critters over the last 25 years have been rescue animals (barring 2 English setters), this spoke to the heart.

As did the new name, which I shall now start using to describe Yoda and Tommy :


Anyway, we duly wandered inside the shop (where yet more critters were up for adoption), and what a shop.

Pet heaven.

Everything your dog or cat or budgie or rabbit could desire. And then some.

I love NY T shirts for dogs, anyone ?

And before you ask, the answer is no.

While Tommy is given a discarded coconut husk to play with, pampered NY pooches have this dazzling array (below) to choose from – no, wait, they don’t choose, the owners do.  Who knows, possibly the NY dogs would also like coconut husks ?

A freezer full of treats. Like lollipop shaped granulated rawhide chewies…back to the coconut husk, Tommy…

Oooh,  rawhide sushi rolls.  So Manhattan.


Given the way the dogs  – the late Képi and Birdey, and Yoda –  hate all the noise and the firecrackers of Diwali, I was intrigued by the idea of this anxiety thundershirt (bel0w)


Now HOW on earth would I find a cat anxiety thundershirt big enough for Tifi (aka Garfield) ?


My goodness me, am I glad we don’t pooper scoop here in India, but what a pretty display the bags make…


Our shopping was quite restrained, I think, given the abundance of exciting goodies on offer :


Great shop.

Staff couldn’t have been more friendly.





Good home-delivered sushi in Delhi

The young, enterprising company “Sushiya” has filled a niche in the Delhi market –  good sushi, freshly made and delivered to your home for just a nominal delivery fee. (Rs 50 for South Delhi)

They have veg & non-veg sushi on offer, and your order comes complete with chopsticks, wasabi, ginger, soya –  the whole works.  The sushi is good, service is prompt, and though not especially cheap, it is well worth it for those nights when you absolutely crave Japanese food.  As we did, 2 nights ago –  so this review is very much a fresh recommendation.

Their website is under construction but you can download the menu from it, even so.   www.sushiya.in

DELIVERY NUMBER: +91-9312444086