Where can I find dimsum in Hong Kong ?

It was our first day in Hong Kong after many, many years, and our childrens’ first time there.

We were tired, having flown overnight.

But the first thing we did was to make the pilgrimage to the Apple store, hoping to buy the new iPhone 5.  (We didn’t, by the way.  Our names never came up in the lottery…)

And so, being hungry and jet-lagged, we opted for a dim sum lunch on a Sunday in Central, as a way of easing ourselves into Hong Kong.  We chose the Lei Garden (a) because it is in the same centre as the Apple store –  the impressive IFC.  And (b) because it was packed with local families.

The first thing that struck me was the extremely poor English of most of the staff, the surly manager included.  I had remembered better levels of spoken English from my previous visits there, but the staff at the Lei Garden had difficulty understanding anything we said, so there was a lot of pointing.

The service was deliciously offhand and borderline rude, just as I had remembered from old time Hong Kong.  To be fair, though, that was one of the few rude places we visited, and the rest of the week was a breeze, with excellent service everywhere.  (Though still pretty poor English skills)

Lots of things we wanted were unavailable, but we managed a pretty impressive and delicious spread all the same :



The spicy preserved vegetables (below) were fabulous :

Truly delicious steamed shrimp dumplings :

The big problem we encountered at our first meal, and one that would dog us throughout the trip, was the lack of vegetarian food for our daughter.  There was very little for her to eat, and the deep-fried vegetarian rolls with mushrooms (below) were deemed OK, but nothing more than that :


We decided not to be too adventurous :


So, conclusion ?

Good food.

Poor service.

I think it’s the kind of restaurant meant for Chinese and not for we non-Cantonese speaking gweilos.




We paid our bill, and I certainly didn’t tell them that I write reviews.  We could hardly order lunch, as it was, so chatting about blogs was out of the question !


Where can I find good Japanese food in Hong Kong ? Oh, and it must be vegetarian, by the way

Ours is not an easy family to feed.

– Husband is allergic to any form of seafood.

– Daughter dearest is vegetarian.

– I don’t eat meat.

Thank goodness for our son who eats everything.

Equally thank goodness for Tokio Joe in the buzzing  Lan Kwai Fong district of Central.

With a fabulous range of sushi and sashimi, including vegetarian sushi (praise The Lord) 3 out of the 4 of us were happy, and hubby had excellent meat both times we ate there.

We were introduced to Tokio Joe’s by our Hong Kong based friend, Malini, who took us there for dinner, mid-week, and it was jam-packed.  Then we went back for a weekend lunch and it was practically deserted.

Odd, but there you are.

Both times the food was excellent, and the service helpful and efficient.

Dinner first.

Delicious edamame beans to nibble, whilst deciding on the food :


The charming ritual of choosing a sake cup :

Our daughter had the vegetarian sushi, and pronounced it excellent. (She later had the same thing a second time, declaring it equally delicious) :


Malini and I had sushi and sashimi, and they were both utterly divine :


And hubby’s meat was declared excellent :


It may well seem unadventurous to repeat a restaurant in Hong Kong in less than 3 days, but our biggest problem all week was finding vegetarian food.  Having found good vegetarian food, back we went.

As I said, the place was pretty empty on a Saturday lunchtime, but perhaps it is more of an office, weekday hang-out.

The same delicious edamame whilst we decided what to eat :

The same nice ritual of choosing one’s sake cup :


And, if the truth be known, the same a la carte veg sushi option for our daughter :


Delicious genmaicha :

My sashimi was perfect.

Nothing else to add.

Just perfect :

The beef goma teriyaki was great, I am reliably informed :

But the award for the best value/presentation went to the regular lunch box :

We got fruit & lychee flavoured jelly this time :

Highly recommended, especially if you are vegetarian.  Hong Kong ain’t easy for you, I assure you, so places like this are to be treasured.

We paid our own bills, both times, and I did not tell them I review restaurants.